Michael Goyette

Michael Goyette Music is a space where you can keep up with where I’m performing, find out what projects I’m working on, and share some of the stories of my continuing musical journey, past, present, and future……in the BLOG section. First, let me introduce myself, I’m Michael Goyette, a professional musician since 1991. 

I was born and raised near Ottawa Canada, where I live today….. but I haven’t always stuck so close to home…..my 1973 Les Paul Custom, has taken me around the world…… and the journey continues! Here’s a brief history of my journey so far, just to get you up to speed. (More detailed accounts or stories from my touring days are sure to come up in the BLOG section, if that’s your kind of thing.)

  • ESCAPE 1991-1996 Toured North America extensively. We played a blend of originals and hard rock cover songs. Sold 6k plus CDs on an independent record label. Played 300 plus, shows per year.

  • ARTIFICIAL JOY CLUB 1996-1999 Signed with DISCOVERY/WARNER Records in ’96 under the name SAL’S BIRDLAND before changing our name to AJC and signing with major label INTERSCOPE Records in 1997. We toured on LOLLAPALOOZA ’97 and played festivals, clubs, and TV stations around the world. Our single, “SICK & BEAUTIFUL" climbed to #11 Billboard Alternative Chart and was top 10 in some European countries!

  • COSMIC JUICE 1999-? CJ was a band I started just as i was getting into HIP-HOP music. AJC afforded me access to Interscope’s library which, at the time, included SNOOP DOGG, TUPAC, and many other great RAP artists. I fell in love with HIP-HOP and starting rapping myself. The songs combined ALT ROCK and HIP-HOP and pleased crowds across Canada as well as in the LOS ANGELES area circa 2004-2005. This band has existed with different members, in different cities, and in different times……who knows….. it could come back again!

  • SAVE FERRIS 2004-2005  While living in Los Angeles,  I briefly the original guitarist for multi-platinum selling Ska/Punk band SAVE FERRIS. We toured the WESTERN USA and Mexico.

  • BACHELOR OF MUSIC DEGREE. (PERFORMANCE) 2006-2012 Michael completed a four-year music degree at Carleton University, focused on guitar performance (classical and jazz), composition, and studio engineering. 

  • SAL PIAMONTE BAND 2009-present SPB is an original HARD ROCK act from Ottawa Canada. We’ve done a little touring and had some radio airplay in Canada. New material is trickling out. Check Youtube for some great videos.

  • BIG LOVE, Canada’s Tribute To Fleetwood Mac 2014-present Based out of Ottawa Canada BIG LOVE is a crowd pleasing band made up of some of the city’s best talent! We definitely have a different approach to “TRIBUTE"!  Our long solo a jam out sections are highlights of the show, along with beautiful vocal harmony. We are discussing a cross Canadian tour at this time so stay tuned….

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the heaviest people in the business….here’s what they said about me;

    “Truly versatile, fluent in rock, blues, and modern alternative styles, Michael is a consummate professional. He’s both a pocket groover and an adventurous soloist with a profound understanding of harmony……"   MICHAEL JAMES,Producer/Mixer (The New Radicals, Hole, Robben Ford)

    “Best live guitarist I’ve ever seen……"      LESLIE HOWE, Producer/Musician (Alanis Morissette, One To One, Artificial Joy Club)

    “You’re a rock star, Louise is like AXL and you’re like SLASH……"       DOUG GOLDSTEIN, Manager (Guns N Roses, Blind Melon, Artificial Joy Club)

    “YOU!!! That was amazing, I haven’t seen anything like that before….."     TONY FERGUSSON, A&R Rep at INERSCOPE RECORDS (No Doubt, Artificial Joy Club)

After all these years I still absolutely love playing the guitar! In 2018, just before turning 50, I began practicing singing daily. I welcome new challenges and I have no plans to stop now. You can find MichaelGoyetteMusic on Facebook and Youtube as well. Have a groovy day!!